Ranging from thermoformed blisters to clamshell packaging to plastic tubes to folding boxes, our products are designed to cater to the needs of clients from various industries. Upon customers’ requests, we also provide specialized offset and embossed printing to maximize the visual impact of your products on the shelf.


rust us to protect your products and parts

We know that each electronic product has exact requirements and requires a custom-fit solution of its own. With decades of experience in the field, we know how best to design and produce packaging that keeps your products safe every step of the way.

Helping you save costs is our priority

Over the course of working with many global household names, we have refined our methods and machinery to give our customers the best solution at the most competitive cost. Our products are consistently top quality yet cost efficient, and that is what gives us the edge in this industry.


Ensure your products stand out to customers

With every customized solution, our goal is to package your products to ensure they stand out on the shelf. Our packaging comes in a variety of forms to suit your needs and fit your products, whether they are toy cars, dolls, or sports equipment.

Speed and flexibility are what sets us apart

Our experience in the field is what enables us to work with both speed and flexibility. This advantage is what sets us apart from our competitors, and has helped foster long-term relationships with clients across the globe.


Packaging designed to protect and impress

We go beyond what traditional companies offer by providing lightweight, customizable and sturdy packaging tailored to individual product shapes. Whether you are coming to us for cosmetics, clothing, or stationery, we ensure consistent quality and service on every order.

Customized down to the inch

Decades of experience in plastic packaging means that our equipment have been constantly refined to give us the flexibility to create customized packaging solutions.


Dust-free from start to finish

With food packaging, hygiene is key. Our entire production process is dust-free, demonstrating our commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction.

We’ll adapt to your fast-changing needs

With our fully automated production process, we are able to work fast on your behalf. Let us know your needs and we’ll customize a solution that helps your food products stand out.