Our clients come to us at various stages of the design process; we can start designing the packaging from scratch, or our clients may come with a digital design already on hand. Once we receive the orders, we work with our clients to finalize the best cost-saving solution that fits the shape and size of their products.


We then build an early prototype for our clients to test, gather feedback, and continue to make changes to the mold until is approved by our clients.


As soon as the sample mold is replicated and the machinery is ready, the blisters are produced in batches and closely inspected to check for any defects or quality lapses. Fitting and quality checks are regularly conducted.


With four factories strategically located around China, we are able to save our clients’ time by working in close proximity to our clients.


Our commitment does not stop at delivery. We continue to follow up with our clients after they receive the products to ensure we can handle quality issues or outstanding inquiries.